Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hole Saw Chimes (For sale on Etsy)

Anyone who's ever dropped a hole saw on the floor knows that these bell shaped tools ring loudly with clear sustain and nice even tone.  None of that gong-ish dissonance.  The steel from which the hole saws are made has been treated to be very hard.  This is the secret to their high-pitch and chime-like quality.  What's more, they nest for easy storage.  In this project, I chose to arrange them from largest to smallest, separated by knots on a piece of nylon string.

  It's beautiful to me...

Hanging the saws in this way makes each one become the knocker for the one above.  As for the smallest saw, it doesn't have much volume, so I wasn't concerned about adding a knocker for it- although it would be easy to do.  

An eye bolt screwed into a drawer pull serves as the bottom weight.  This makes a great door bell for a shop. 

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